It was game dev.
Just googled how to make games on my own, thats how it began. Yoyo games game maker, Oracle's greenfoot(this was some cool shit),stencyl then using some random game engines, pygame,lua etc. Had fun. Still having fun. Will try game dev again in future.

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    I’d recommend PyGame for starting out (unless you dislike python), and Godot as you advance.

    As you progress, you writing your own (small) game engine is also a good learning project.

    Once you get better, either stick with Godot or your own, or move to a more advanced engine like Unity or UnrealEngine — though be aware that they require royalties when selling, and there is significant lock-in.
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    Yeah, gml - where all started for me, i understood programming concepts, for loop, variables and so on.
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