Real Incident (India)
So, this one time, out of the Blue, my engineering manager said "Let's, Shit together sometime."

I was like "Yeah, Sure. Sounds like a great Idea."

**-(Wondering why am I always so Agreeable to her 😒)

She has a bit of an accent and I realised she actually meant "Sit".

What a bummer!!! I was really looking for some intimacy, not the ideal way, but, it was something nonetheless.

Back to the Screen, now!

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    Oh sit...
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    Ah sit, here we go again
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    Welcome to the sit-zone bro.
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    Laughing at the idea of shit bonding
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    Dumping one at the same time in the same bowl? Why not but we need to work on the execution... Next to each will probably not work. You can hug each other... But please be in front and face away. Otherwise your ding dong might be in a shitty situation.
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