So today I was messing with a side project and for context it’s a networking program.

So I’ve designed the programs packets and what each do. The final step is just constructing them and sending them, but wait some random error that I traced from the file path being wrong to the packet containing a files name but then I realized that the packet after the file name wasn’t sending and so I looked at the contents of the first packet and IT WAS SENDING BOTH CONTENTS IN ONE and I fucking can’t tell you how hung up on this I got because there was nothing wrong with any other packet in anyway, and if I commented the file name packet out the next one worked and vice versa and it was so fucking infuriating and out of desperation I thought “what if I just gave it time between sending both” AND IT FUCKING WORKED. ONE LITTLE FUCKING sleep(.5) FIXES THE PROBLEM THAT PLAGUED ME QUITE LITERALLY ALL DAY I CANT. IM PRETTY SURE ITS STILL NOT A GOOD SOLUTION BUT IM ROLLING WITH IT!

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    I love how this is basically every programer's rant, EVER:
    - Doing some stuff, working fine
    - Random error appears out of nowhere
    - Wat
    - Okay if I comment this random line that has no relation or close to no relation to the thing that doesn't work it actually works
    - But I need that line for the rest of the program to work
    - Random guesswork
    - Find a solution randomly that only makes sense in retrospect, kinda like those riddles where the answer is logical only AFTER you guess/get told the answer, but never before
    - Okay what the fuck how is the solution so simple I wasted like 18 hours into this shit, fml I'm dumb apparently...
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