System76 laptops good? Considering getting one to gracefully migrate fully away from windows since I'm basically in wsl and Linux vm's most of my day these past few months anyway

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    Yes. They are quite nice.

    I bought the Gazelle for my girlfriend and she loves it. She also apparently likes PopOS more than Mint.
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    Also, their customer service is amazing!

    The laptops are definitely pricier, but the hardware, software, customer support they provide is totally worth the cost.
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    I have a galago pro, and everything works great. I switched it to arch and everything was still working. Had it for 2 years now. Battery life is decent, depends on the workload but cpupower helps changing the frequency governor when needed. I got it for work only.
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    Pls do. Actually anything Linux distro is better than WSL. WSL has a lot of limitations and not fun to work with.
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