The only thing that I think works great in Node.js ecosystem is Socket.io

Otherwise anything JavaScript related is too bad for me. So many frameworks releasing each month. First it was React then people said that vue is better... Now hearing Svelte is the best. This shit is going crazy.

Personally I prefer to keep back end in a different language such as PHP or Python. Separation of concerns was a thing some years ago now everything is JS.

Are there other alternatives to Socket.io in other languages which are easy to setup just like Socket.io? XMPP is there but I feel it is overly complicated to get started.

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    The only thing exceptional about node is it's regex performance. Everything else there's a better option, usually by a factor of 8-25x performance.

    .net has signalr, java has micronaut. Spark, flume, Kafka and/or mapr can also produce similar results.

    Also, angular is still the best if you care about performance 😘
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    @SortOfTested I think we can say for sure that someone who decides to use JS everywhere doesn't really care about performance issues
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    @SortOfTested Hmm.. Yeah I agree with Angular. It is a bit overwhelming at first but it takes a lot of project structure headaches away. I've heard good things about Kafka but really didn't try it yet.
    I seriously want to move away from server side JavaScript, as long as it is just front-end it's fine with me.
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    Right tool for the right job 😘
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    You could try sockets with PHP but GC will be a bitch
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