dealing with apple as developer is slowly starting to make me violent, the sheer level of incompetence on all layers of that company...

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    Please give a bit more detail
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    @AkshayTolwani 2 years of dealing with apple profesionally as ios developer
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    @dakkarant Just tell me the biggest problems you are facing. Please for the love of God dont tell me that it is the 30 percent cut I am hearing i see it everywhere
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    the lack of support, despite paying 100$ a year, you have to buy support tickets if you want anything beyond getting a link to a 3rd party paywalled forum.

    the lack of documentation

    them ignoring industry standards like Oatuh, so you have to waste time building workarounds in your front and backend.

    forced use of Xcode and apple hardware to develop for ios

    the UX for their developer portals is just horrible.

    when your company is registered in 1 country apple deems it impossible that you are located in any other country (i cant use my phone number from the country i live in VS the country we are located)

    And then dont get me started on the moral objections i have to their practices (fighting the right to repair, planned obsolescence updates, responsible for preventable e-waste)
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    @dakkarant How are you being sane right now. No free forums that is the biggest bummer and bad documentation for a closed source project is unacceptable to me atleast
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    @AkshayTolwani no, the apple forums themselfs are free, just dont expect any help from an apple official, its kind of like a lord of the flies situation.

    When I send in a support ticket (and you get 2, orso, developer support tickets for free until you have to pay for more) for a question regarding THEIR product, the support send me a link to a 3rd party forum (not affiliated with apple) "i think you can find the answer on here".
    And you had to pay to even be able to read the forum posts there.
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    Oh here is another one, unlike literally any other platform, you have to rely on the IDE (Xcode) for certain dependencies, and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont.
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