There's a special place in my naughty list reserved for those competitions that promise "free swag" as a participation prize...

...then give you a $10 voucher to spend in their store to buy a shirt, before telling you you'll need to pay $50 in international shipping 😡

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    Don't forget that to redeem that $10 voucher you need to spend $100 in their store and nothing in their store costs under $75, so at a minimum you need to spend $150, plus $50 shipping, plus whatever tax you pay.

    I've been getting those vouchers for completing goals in Strava recently and each time I pop up the web stores they're all designed like that.
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    That's how capitalism's bait works.
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    Never accept anything from anyone coming to you with a voucher or similar. It's bullshit 100% of the time.
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