Yeah, the newest Firefox-Android update killed compatibility for a fuckton of add-ons once again.
The usability is strong in this one.

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    Yeah, I was able to avoid it thanks to an article on gHacks, but that was close.
    They're not *wrong* considering many users barely know what an add-on is, but it would have been nice to warn before nonetheless.

    Despite that, I quite like it! I installed it on my work device to try it out a bit, and it seems "cleaner".
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    I miss the home dashboard with speed dial thing. Currently it just looks blank with some collections notice I never used before or know how to use.
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    @jespersh You can put some favourite tabs and whatnot for a quick access like a speed dial. No idea why they changed that name, though
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    Yes, the compatibility has been broken and that wasn't good at all.
    But man, this new Firefox is awesome!
    The usability has been increased dramatically, the darkmode is awesome, the tabs handling ia great, the private mode is so handy to use now.
    It fully replaced my other browsers. I love this update!
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