So I had this Google account for all of clients social, hosting, etc.
Out of the blue client wants access to these accounts.
Unfortunately I had not logged into these accounts in a long time.
Now when I try to login Google is not sending 2f texts to my registered number, even the give code over call option is not working, my number is recieving texts and calls, so it's not a network issue.
To top it all off due to numerous attempts it won't let me try other options and my recovery email recieved security alert of the said attempts with no option of actually specifying it was a legitimate attempt.
Fuck this overly protective attempt at security and fuck the guy who thought it was a good idea to send emails about attempts but not including any option to actually do something about it.

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    Damn!! That sucks.

    Are you sure your registered mobile number is same?

    Also, IIRC it has an option to enter last password you remember and then it redirects you to right channel for reset.
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    @F1973 that is the first thing I checked, last 2 digits check out. I am sure it's correct because I had 2f enabled in this acc from the start and I always recieved code on my one and only no.
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    @ba7h try reaching them out. There should be a way..
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    @F1973 Thanks for all your suggestions. Actually I have no idea how to reach them! I am hoping that I can try again in a few days.
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    @ba7h All the best bro. I hope you get in soon.
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    @F1973 I don't think it's possible to contact Google on an individual basis.
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    @Lor-inc Yes, but that was the last resort I could suggest to OP
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    @Lor-inc The only option I see at this point is to wait for temp lock to disengage so that I could try different methods.
    What's more funny is that when you click on check activity link in recovery mail it asks to login into the same account which they have temporarily disabled. Fuck me right!
    IMHO there's should be some option besides check activity in mail sent to recovery address for regaing access.
    But what do I know I'm no fucking Google.
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    The only way to get Google support's attention in this kind of case is create a viral Twitter post or blog post and get it to the top of Hacker News. Once you create a big enough stink they'll help you.

    It sucks but they chose to make it like this, not us. Hope you figure it out.
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    Good news! I was able to get back in! I tried 2f today and recieved the code. So glad I could get in. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.
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    @ba7h congratulations. :D
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