Trying to implement WebRTC for Voice chat in the company app in Unity.

- it's super fucking fast
- it kinda is peer to peer

- WebRTC comes in very different ways and therefore you either need to properly config the server or change the way the app works
- Each signaling server might have different config so you can't even connect to different servers like you do for http, ftp and so on
- You need to use a server to know each peer
- You need to use another server to make the actual messages go through
- None of it seems to actually be p2p except the fact that you will need to make a different connection to each and every other client in the conference

So basically it was engineered to be as compatible as possible and therefore no server-side default was defined in the protocol, which means it won't ever be actually very compatible with anything at all since everyone will make its configuration.

Fuck me, fuck WebRTC and fuck this whole shit

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    @aldkjdjs well in our cases I don't think that will happen as the app is for VR and therefore old and cheap phones can't really handle it, but yeah
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