I really don't mind it as long as the work is on track but damn it hurts to read the git commit messages with messed up spellings. In some cases it's not just that, but variable names, file names, etc. as well.

English isn't the first language in my country and a lot of people are not as proficient with it so it's probably not appropriate to judge, but the cringe is real.

Sometimes I wonder if I am that cringeworthy person to someone else.

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    Before I rolled off my last client, we'd been assigned two devs who had no English capacity at all. They literally did commits in Hindi. Which honestly was probably better than the rest of the time whose commit messages amounted to "update ticket" or "change file."
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    @SortOfTested one wouldn't usually think that learning programming is easier than learning English, but oh well.
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    at least you have commit messages
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