The debugging duck has been retired and instead has been replaced by the maven meow
(Yeah I just needed an excuse to share a cat pic)

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    Why is it not disrupting work.
    Why is it not stomping around on top of the keyboard.
    Why is it not purring and scratching his/her face on the sides of the monitor.
    Why is it not knocking the webcam over
    Why is it not wagging its tail around the face of the programmer in question
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    @theuser the feline beings care not for our puny human chores, and totally not enough to disrupt their sleep over that
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    Human do not stop typing. I need the noise to lull me to sleep.
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    Nice. I wonder if it would appreciate me slamming my mx blues though
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    It's a nice day when you let your human bang its appendages on their favorite noiserock.
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    A cat rolling on keyboard for a long time will eventually type the whole novel of Shakespeare

    Yes, I don't go to parties
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    @theabbie sounds like a fork of the infinite monké theorum repo
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