I'm having troubles with gRPC inside Docker, cannot figure out why some references are undefined in the *_pb.go files

pkg/proto/notify/notify_grpc.pb.go:14:11: undefined: grpc.SupportPackageIsVersion7
pkg/proto/notify/notify_grpc.pb.go:71:30: undefined: grpc.ServiceRegistrar

More details: https://stackoverflow.com/q/...

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    @dontknowshit I just updated the google.golang.org/grpc package to v1. 31.1 and also my base Docker image and the issue was fixed!
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    @catholic-emacs yes that’s why Ideleted my comment, I just read the so post. Makes sense, I’ve seen the same thing happen before

    I’m currently build a GRPC api. So far it’s really nice to work with, had to do a bit of work to get authentication how I wanted it, but everything else is so easy, compiling the Pb for two separate languages means they can share the same model structure, I didn’t bother creating an intermediate structure in each language as that kinda defeats the purpose for me
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