I work at a corporation with dozens of different products and different legal units and teams working with different products. As many of the products are business acquisitions and not internally developed, they've retained whatever (cloud) architecture they had to begin with... some hosted on AWS, others on Azure and yet others on GCP.... Yet the core products are all on the same provider's platform, so all the documentation for some unexplainable reason assumes every other product is on that platform, too, and does not take into account interprovider communication problems, so integration becomes a major pain in the arse when the product you're working on (like mine) is not hosted on that one cloud provider's platform... Whole week I've felt like banging my head repeatedly to the wall.

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    That sounds painful
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    @mcfly it is. At this rate I'll have a rather rugged new DIY window to the next room on the wall behind my seat. Poor wall, I have to keep apologizing to it for the abuse...
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