> looking for a ZX81 emulator
> the most accurate one is SDL for Mac
> snap for Linux
> alright fine i'll use stupid fucking gay-ass snap
> after fixing snap's fuckups twice it's finally running
> all my ROMs and BIOSes are on my 4TB HDD mounted at /big and symlinked at ~/big
> "well it supports drag and drop we'll use that" segfault
> "fine i'll put the bios or w/e it wants in ~" not valid, apparently

fucking goddAMMIT

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    It's a long walk, but you might consider running a Mac VM.
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    Why are you looking at a zx81 emulator? I actually have one I am trying to get up and running
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    @bahua latest version requires Catalina, so, uh... no.
    @matt-jd a friend saw one of my demos and went "isn't there some terrible pc from the 80s running on a Z80?" and then an idea was born
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    Catalina required some tamping-down, and the performance isn't terrific, but it works.
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    @bahua have you read any other rants of mine? "it works" translates to approx. "this will require 70 hours of the most undocumented shit possible to get it up and running"

    also i can't do GPU passthrough since my board's too old so it'd be software-only
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    I assumed(perhaps incorrectly) that emulating a ~40 year old portable would not require any kind of significant hardware. I doubt the performance would be noticeably different between running in hardware or in software.
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    @bahua It requires a GPU, as it's accurate to video and audio output. That is, it'll generate whatever the original hardware had and it gets interpreted instead of using filters or VRAM output or w/e. This cannot be disabled.

    It has no support for software composite or software RF decoding. The ZX81 has composite out only, to memory?
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    @bahua https://github.com/TomHarte/CLK btw, i forgot the link. it breaks it down in the README.
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