Bloody effing hell...

> Senior leaves company payroll
> senior level stuff falls on my desk
> I've been working on a completely different product for almost a year, so I'm still kinda trying to get reacquainted with the product I'm a regular dev resource of
> feel completely lost
> try to implement the feature
> realize it requires a certain package
> package breaks the whole application, completely
> try to debug
> despair

It's this kind of days, when the imposter's kicks in. I feel like this should be a pretty simple feature to implement, and I'm just missing something that's right there before my eyes. I'm trying to remember this sat on the senior's desk for nigh a year, and I know he at least at some point actually tried implementing it, so me being not far above a junior shouldn't feel ashamed.

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    Why did senior leave?
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    @F1973 AFAIK there were two reason: he wanted to do something else, fresh challenges - and he got a job with something like double the pay elsewhere
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    @100110111 told everyone in other thread, money does matter and job satisfaction too.
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    @F1973 I agree, staying or leaving is a combination of many factors, and the emphasis on each factor is up to the individual.
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    I have the reverse.

    Junior joined 1 year ago. I was doing devOps + dev. The Junior got the devOps part (well... Ops. lets not get carried away). I did a orderly handover + worked hamd in hand with him on how to do the job. Told him that it is important to keep things in order, and stuff should be documented, and maintain the procedure.
    He took over after 2 monthes. then after a year, he went to work for another company.

    So - I got assigned to help the new junior (4 month+-) who took over. To my surprise (not really) - devOps is a total dumpster fire.... I now need to wade back into the burning crap heap, and try not to step on the toes of the idiot managers.

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