Me before having to implement a bit more advanced content structure for the client: There are so many headless CMSes out there

Me after: Why the fuck are there no healdess CMSes whatsoever?

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    And the ones that are out there, want to own the persistence story and rope you into their saas offering.
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    What does headless mean in the context of a CMS?
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    That it's only the administrative console that exposes the data as REST/Git repo that you can consume afterwards in any way you see fit.
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    @msdsk Holdthefuckon, there are APIs that expose their data as a Git repo?
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    Usually write to the repo you hold your client on, for example: https://www.netlifycms.org/
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    Any widely known shit + its Gatsby plugin ?
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    The point being that widely used things are just lacking heavily. Repeaters, granular permissions, many-to-many data, creating models without touching PHP - you can choose 2 out of them, apparently.
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