Damn! I never thought resigning from first company is not easy.
The team was amazing, overall culture was great. But after working for 2 years and making product stable enough, the learning curve started to flatten.
Decided to move on, last day was most painful. Sitting on the chair, wondering whether I did the right thing. All the memories flash black on that day. Nervous but little bit excited. Kinda mixed feelings

But turned out that job switch was even better. Good pay + one hell of learning to build product from scratch.

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    Good for you!
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    @iamai It was risky to switch in the middle of pandemic but it was worth it.
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    Hehe, my first company helped me on that one - by laying me off.
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    @Fast-Nop So did you did another one soon? Or took some time?
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    @scorpionk It took four months from starting the applications to getting a new job, but that wasn't that bad because the layoff was with three months heads-up and a pretty nice layoff pay.

    Not only that it was close to the end of the year where nobody hires, but also the usual employer stupidity demanding experience exactly with their specific setup, i.e. the idiots complaining about "dev shortage".

    And then, after having trouble to even get an interview, I suddenly had to choose between several contract offers.
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    @Fast-Nop Woh! That was some rollercoaster ride there.. Glad you finally landed job.
    The problem of dev shortage is real.
    I have seen companies reopening job profile because they trying to be too picky with languages and tools.
    While switching job I applied couple of those companies. Got rejected in resume screening. They are still looking for a candidate. It's been a 4-5 months and they still didn't hire so called "enthusiastic candidate".
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    @scorpionk That's the point - there is no dev shortage, just employers with unrealistic expectations who havn't understood that dev isn't a ready-to-go job like supermarket cashier.
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