Can we rename "Life at {Company}" ?
We don't want to live in our work.
There is a reason we call it "work-life" balance, both are different things.

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    *pushes "life at {university}" merch out of the way* 👀

    Though to be fair I am there more than I am at home so I guess I do live there.
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    @Elyz but university life is fun :P
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    @randomexception I'd tend to disagree 😂
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    Companies WANT the line between work and home to be blurry. They WANT people to think of work as another component of their employees' personal lives. Kids and TPS reports all in one glommed pot.

    So when I see language like, "we work hard and play hard," I see that as code for, "we expect far more than 8/40 out of our employees, and the compensation probably does not account for this expectation."
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