Had a customer call - the guy's name was "Kevin", which in Germany isn't even a name, but rather a diagnosis for stupidity. However, he was really competent and into the stuff. So what now, readjust my prejudice? Nah, he had an Asian family name, so I instead learnt that being of Asian ancestry trumps "Kevin" as given name.

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    Ah, so "Kevin" is your "Jeff." Occasionally you'll find an exceptional Jeff, but usually it's about the same.

    I've never understood changing names when moving. I would say it's a bit condescending, but when you move to China, they appreciate you taking a Chinese name, so it's generally just convenience for them.

    Though I will say, I'm always triggered when I see someone rename themselves with two western first names. Primarily because everyone I've known who did that was an absolute professional impostor, and it was very much in character.
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    I had a Chinese colleague named Kevin. He's also one of the smartest and richest. I have not met one Asian Kevin who lives in poverty, it's always those with two names where the first one is "John". Name your kid John Patrick, John Mark, or some shit and he's hopeless.
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    @SortOfTested Ah that's where Jeff in the "Clever and Smart" comics had his name from! ^^
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