i managed to get a grip for ZX81 BASIC... but I can't figure out what to do with it. I'm not a good demomaker, I know, but I can't find inspiration for any effects to make.

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    Are you running it on an actual ZX81? :)

    It does not have much room for anything :P, and nothing but very simple ascii graphics if I remember correctly, but its been almost 40 years since I used one :D
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    @Voxera sadly, no, real ones are hard to get in the States. I caved and began using a 16KB RAM expansion. I'm using the clksignal emulator, so it's 100% accurate tho, down to actually decoding the real composite output instead of some fake-ass composite filter over a VRAM dump. (And yes, mostly just char graphics.)
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    @Parzi ZX80 and 81 was the first real computer I got to play with and started to learn programming :)

    But it was before any expansions so the 81 version had 1024 bytes of memory, enough to fill about half the screen with text before it ran out of memory ;)
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    @Parzi if you get anything up, please share a link to a video of it :)
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    Like @Voxera said do share! would be cool to test on mine if I get it working(have the 16k expansion)
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    @matt-jd If I can ever figure out something to make, sure.
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