I’ve been stressed a lot lately and I think I’m just gonna let myself chill, evaluate where I am in my life, and enjoy my fucking zoomer time while I have it.

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    Play with us and never work or study again.
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    @rutee07 tempting I’ll give you that
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    Just chill, have some fun, watch a good movie or something, have a relaxing bath, try to stay positive, don't overexert yourself :D
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    @SoldierOfCode a lot of it is me just stacking a lot on my plate that I’m not necessarily interested in right now, so I’m gonna try to do some of the stuff I want to do instead and stick with that for a bit.
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    Weed. It's the only thing that prevent mass doxxing of my client's staff to ICE at my last place of employment. If it wasn't for a little MJ, I would be the blackest black hat.
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    @SortOfTested sadly I have no way to partake in that practice, but it’s a great suggestion
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