Holy shit why does change management have to be such garbage? I've never worked anywhere with a formal change process that felt remotely like it adds value. It seems like it's even WORSE when there's a dedicated change/process team. They just get super edgy and jaded, likely because no one wants to follow their ridiculous requirements, and bitch at people whenever the real world happens and things have to happen "out of band".

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    Of course you don't see the main value, which is that tons of people DON'T just come up with ridiculous changes and deadlines out of the blue.

    You don't see it because it's all about making sure that this kind of shit is nowhere to be seen.
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    Q: Why should we have change management?
    A: In order to mitigate the harmful consequences of organizational or process change.

    Q: Why shouldn't we have change management?
    A: How competent is your average manager?
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    @halfflat I mean this is a fair point. The change management folks are even more insufferable than the managers though 🤦‍♂️
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