For the love of God, I cannot find the motivation to learn calculus. I'm like 1-2 weeks behind schedule on it and the teacher is probably gonna start giving out assignments soon, but I can't sit down and fucking study. It's not that I don't like math, I just don't like studying. The only way I study is when I'm pressured by an assignment/test deadline, that's how I always did it, but now I'm in college. I'm not studying just to get a passing grade, I need a fucking A and, above all, I need to learn the damn thing. But I can't find the patience to study without the threat of getting a low grade, so I let everything accumulate and then learn everything in a day or two, just enough to get a B+ or something like that. I'm hating myself for that, and I have to fix it asap. I guess I'll try studying again tomorrow...

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    Oh, forgot to add the !dev tag and the 5min editing time is over, sorry :p
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    I remember how our Calculus professor got our attention. He would post our scores outside the classroom, those with zero scores are in red font. And the students who didn't try? Well, their test papers are posted in the bulletin board.

    He also did this psycho shit where we fall in line outside the classroom. There are six tables inside the room and two questions per table. We would go to each table one by one. When he presses the buzzer, we all have to move on to another question (another table after two questions). He gave us one minute for each question. For some weird fucking reason, I got the highest score in that one, to think that I was the dumbest one in class.

    That professor is as gay as the day is long and I fucking loved his sick mind. He also happen to be really good and passionate about the subject. I always imagined him in a Cruella costume as he tortures his poor little dalmatians. Such magnificent torture.
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    @rutee07 lol what a psycho, that might've been a bit fun though (the questions with the buzzer, not the public shaming XD)
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    Calculus ain't that bad, No will to study is a universal Problem
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    @theabbie that's the thing, I like math, I just don't have the motivation to learn it :p
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    3Blue1Brown on YouTube is a really nice channel with a very visual take on teaching math.
    He's made series on Linear Algebra, a bit of Signal Processing, and Calculus. Maybe you could give it a whirl ?
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    @CptFox oh I love that channel, his videos are great. I didn't know he made series on this kind of stuff, I will for sure take a look at them. They're surely better than a 90min zoom recording of my teacher doing math in Word...
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    I remember I had to go to my friend to study from same book and there was very little information in it about differential equations and I had exam the next day and I didn’t know anything about it.
    There were 3 equations to solve within 2 hours. Two of them were just to pass exam 1/2 score and could be solved in 1 hour or you can solve third that was 1/2 score.
    I remember I solved all of 3 and had one of highest grades in group and that involved lots of struggle and at some point pure luck cause I didn’t know what I was doing.
    Now it’s a piece of cake to know how to solve such things, knowledge is laying everywhere in the internet, there are many forms to learn and understand problems.
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    @vane yeah, everything's much easier today. I took a look at 3Blue1Brown's calculus series as @CptFox suggested and it helped a lot. I feel so lucky to have this kind of content for free and just a few clicks away and I can't imagine the world without google.
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