Best documentation, cakephp/laravel

Worst is by far Java docs...
for fucks sake include some useful examples i dont wanna see a table with parameters, My IDE can provide more helpful info than that

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    And how do you think IDEs provide that help?
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    @asgs sure, but if what the IDE offers me is all there is to the docs. there is no benefit in reading the docs.

    for example, most frameworks provide docs explaining how to achieve several things. Java docs dont use the functions in an use case to illustrate.
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    @sleek that's right. Tutorials and guides are different from API docs which only serve us to understand what is exposed

    Also, I don't keep the IDE open all the time. It really helps to see what parameters or arguments are supported in a given class/method and a quick oneliner on how it behaves. JDK java docs do that but some people who write libraries/frameworks fail to do it
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    @sleek You are looking for tutorials, they are here https://docs.oracle.com/javase/...
    I personally like java documentation, it's clean and easy to navigate. Mixing the two together would probably make documentation much less readable.
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