Wishing Happy Engineers day to all those idiotic-not-so-good-engineers working at Microsoft. Windows 10 is still the biggest horse-shit you'll ever see for an operating system.

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    Honestly, I don't quite get all this Win10 fuss. Win8[.1] was much less consistent in UI and problematic (considering its short lifespan). Vista had a lot of problems too. XP SP2 broke plenty of things, even some USB mice stopped working. WinMe was a disastrous compromise. There's a lot that went wrong with various Windows versions and still somehow a lot of people think Win10 is the worst for some reason.
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    @gronostaj : Agree with some of your points. However, Microsoft launched Windows 10 as the best OS around. I still think XP was far more stable than this.
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    @WedaPashi Do you remember the outcry when XP SP2 was released?
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    @gronostaj I am conveniently going to say that "I was going to school back then and had nothing to do with computers" :D, But, yeah, the service pack was a headache, I agree!
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    I love Microsoft 4 one reason!!
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