What my ADHD brain looks like to an outsider:

My media player doesn't support ordered chapters, so now I have FreshRSS running on my VPS.

The actual mental process:

> MPC-BE doesn't support ordered chapters with the built-in filters
> I should install the third-party LAV Filters
> Not available on Scoop and I'm never touching Chocolatey again
> I wish I had Linux on this PC instead of Windows, so I could have a proper package manager to handle updates, but I digress
> Sure would be nice if I could find a way to know when this updates.
> Actually, tracking versions for multiple GitHub repos would be really nice.
> I would just subscribe but my email inbox is a mess already and I'd probably fail to see the emails
> GitHub Release pages have their own Atom feeds!
> I don't currently use any feed readers
> Maybe I should self-host a feed reader
> Set up FreshRSS Docker container on my server
> Actually installed the LAV Filters to solve the original problem.

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    Could you not just use WSL2?
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    How's FreshRSS so far?
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    WSL2 isn't great for video.
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    @Jilano FreshRSS is pretty nice. Setup was a breeze with docker and it looks pretty good, although I did change the theme (it comes with a few themes included so I didn't have to install anything extra).
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    @EmberQuill Thanks for the quick answer.
    I'll check it out
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    what's wrong with choco btw?
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    @iiii I've just had wildly inconsistent experiences with chocolatey. I've run across popular packages that are unmaintained, poorly-designed packages that leave tons of junk behind when you uninstall them (or don't uninstall properly at all), and various other issues over the couple years I spent using it. I eventually decided it was more trouble than it was worth.
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    They added curation, which is nice. It's just not a great experience compared to Linux package managers. It's just okay.
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    @SortOfTested ture. it's not as good as linux packages because of janky windows installers which do not conform to any universal strategy.
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