Today I created some reusable clean decent code to replace the random chaos in a huge project and then realised I had 3 options:

1. Sort out every instance to use the new code. This is very high risk because the project is both a shit show and has no tests. I don't have time to manual test or write unit tests on so much stuff.

2. Move over only some so that I can manually test. Still no time to unit test (management is fucked on their priorities). This will fuck the project even more since i will never get time to revisit this and adds yet more inconsistency and chaos to a project on its last legs and has this problem in droves.

3. Leave the project fucked


I'm veering towards option 3 these days.

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    (3) sounds like a winner.
    As in a “winner” winner.

    The project also sounds like a “winner.” As does the company.

    The smart engineer leaves and allows the rats to drown with the ship. Especially if they’re the ones crewing and captaining it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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