Seeing the way people write CSS I understand why they think it's badly designed. It's just that they don't use it properly, they don't think about general structure of the system, they just haphazardly pile up declarations, recklessly abusing cascade.

CSS - with great power comes great responsibility.

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    True. It is badly designed though.

    border-size: <top+bottom> <sides> 👍

    border-size: <top> <sides> <bottom> 👍

    border-size: <right> <bottom> <left> <top> ⁉️
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    border-size doesn't exist, border-width follows the same shorthand pattern others do, 4 value syntax is top right bottom left
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    @Z-GOD ... Apparently my CSS skills are getting rusty. Anyway, there are "what CSS should've done better" lists floating around the internet and they were making a lot of good points last time I checked.
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