Another upvote bot get fucked?

@-assmaster had something like 7.5k upvotes (outgoing, not personal score) and now has 0.

Wtf with the upvote bots? Who keeps think that's a good idea?

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    People that want to get noticed I assume.

    In stead of phishing for upvotes directly they upvote or reply to others posts and have their name plastered all over.

    Just like tagging a subway wagon.
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    Is that why i had 99 notification count but nothing when i checked
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    I love the smell of freshly bant bot in the morning.
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    The bot wasn't all bad
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    @24th-Dragon yeah there was two bots going around. God-of-newbies and -assmaster. GON was really bad. They upvotes all your comments to avoid detection (it would still say 0 upvotes on their profile). They spammed hard too. When they got smacked by the ban hammer it fucked my notifications.

    About two hours later this new bot started and fucked my notifications over AGAIN.
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    Assmaster gonna be fucked hard hmm

    Also had 99+, then nothing, then again some and both got banned.
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    I already wondered why I couldn't see the notifications from that account...
    Time to automatically detect bot activity? :)
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    Oh now I get what all those notifs were
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    Yeah just noticed as well
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    @NEMESISprj bot detecting bot
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    @AlgoRythm fighting fire with fire
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