I have the bad habit of programming without initializing a Github repo or by the time I upload it to Github I’m either done or close to done with it.

It’s not necessarily a terrible thing it’s just a pet peeve of mine.

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    I'm the exact opposite. I always create a repo on GitHub somewhat early in development. It's not the first thing I do, but after like 2-3 hours working on something I always upload it to GitHub. I do it because I focus on the slim chance of something happening and my data being lost. Highly unlikely, I know, but that "what if" thought keeps me up at night.
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    @neeno yeah I need to get in that habit cause typically I only do it near the beginning if it’s important to me
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    I have a bootstrap alias that will create a dir, init a git repo, copy my generalized git ignore, add it to my fuzzy reffer and cd into the dir. Works pretty well.
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    @SortOfTested that sounds nice
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    I definitely have a few repos where the first commit is something like "Initial Commit: did 95% of the project"
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    @EmberQuill that’s majority of my first inits
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