When oracle employees decide to add new "feature":
How can we add feature X so it can be the user new most terrible nightmare?

When oracle employees decide to update an existed "feature":
We have discovered that the users of feature X have found a work-around to make it useful, we need to update that feature to make it the users most terrible nightmare ever, and we would like to make the upgrade/installation process break everything else installed on their machines without possible way of recovering, and if it worked by any chance we would like to make that process frustrating as fuck.

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    Which Oracle product(s) in particular?
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    ADF, OAF, Fusion Middleware, etc. sucked so badly that anything else seemed OK
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    @asgs everything related to oracle goes into the deepest depths of "sucking" state autonomously over the course of time just like what the second law of thermodynamics mentioned about the natural systems, but they actually excelled at this to a point where everything even remotely related to Oracle suck just as much for the simple reason of interacting or dealing with their products.
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    This is where the Conservation of Shit Theory comes in.

    "There is a finite amount of shit in the universe. Your job as an engineer is to minimize the degrees of shit in your software."

    Oracle is first and foremost a massive shit sink for the rest of the industry. Management, being visual creatures who lack a sense of smell, option their products frequently thanks to a weakness for pretty salespeople and an affinity for weasel words. This of course defies the COST and results in barely functional systems.
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    @mad-sy lmfao couldn't relate better.

    Welcome to devRant OP
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    @F1973 Actually Oracle brought me here. Thanks for your comment and welcoming mate! Everyone hate my enemy is a friend 👌
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    @SortOfTested The only reason my employer choose Oracle is because in our case they are the "cheapest" option. I swear if I had a "top tier salary" I'd have paid the cost difference myself so they choose a reliable DB Engine other than Orasuckle.
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