Debugging is fine, totally part of the job!

Constantly fixing sh1t and new reports of another pile of sh1t coming every day like somebody is throwing them with shovels at us just to open the codebase that is written by the folks who aren't here anymore with some list of obscure libraries that is last maintained about 5 y ago is not ok.

It is not buggy codebase it is actually coddy bugbase!

I tried to be vocal several times to change technology to more suitable one, to make some improvements and to remove code smells(there is a ton of it, smells like organic garbage dumpster with rotten eggs) but "everything works" and there is no real "value for the customers" in that(fixing, refactoring etc.)!!!

Yea it works with sh1t ton of bugs reported every week. Nobody gives a shit, just contempt with their mediocre lives solving bug at the time while i feel like I'm wasting my time and talent on wrong people and fixing other's shit.

That is what happens when prototype becomes product and ships to production because numbers, money and sh1t!

this is why we who care about our career can't have nice things! I am not god damn pest control, I am f*ckin developer.

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    Toad in a pot, slowly cooking.

    They don't realise they're paying more due to tech debts because they have a small interest rate.
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