I really hate when you get rejected in an interview and get no feedbacks and even worse when you reply HR with a question and they not answer you at all and ignore you.
You invest your time for them and then they not even bother to answer you. This is heartful and I have no place to go and can’t complain.
I feel used.

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    it will be better. just keep trying.
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    Yeah Don't worry maybe those bastards don't deserve you
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    Personally, I don't get the idea of having HR and expecting from them to find a new hire ASAP. Most of them are just lazy fucks that get paid for interviewing and screening, but as soon as organization is filled with new members, HR receives less payment or bonuses or whatever. Where in it is the motivation for them to find qualified enough specialists in small time period?
    Do what you like most, buddy. For them, it's a game, so it is for you.
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