Can I please rant? So my Acer Computer started misbehaving and turned my firewall off by itself a few weeks ago. After that, the dumb thing decided to revoke my admin rights, and since I was the ONLY admin, I have zilch admin privileges, can't download any apps, and can't make any new user profiles.

How in the living fu*k am I supposed to do my schoolwork and homework for school on a piece of sh*t computer I paid lots of money for? I have tried the built-in admin trick, and it did NOT work. My other user account I can NOT open, as Windows 10 states that "you need an app to open this".

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    I've been there. If it's possible, might be time to try Linux Mint
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    Are your microsoft account linked to a family account by any chance?

    I have never heard of a similar problem that did not involve some outside management like family or corporate administered computer.
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    Lemme guess.


    Also, turn off auto-login, boot Hiren's (use another PC to make media), replace %WINDIR%\system32\sethc.exe with a copy of cmd (repeat for your locale folder) and mash Shift at the logon screen, `net` to re-rights. As long as you never use `sfc`, that backdoor will remain, too.
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    @Parzi 😵😵😵
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    @ilechuks73 it's nit actually that hard when you do it
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    I had the same problem with firewall. Use tweaking.com repair tool, it's good.
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