Noticed that I'm looping too much on same thoughts, need to write them down. Can you advice some good platform or app which I could use for journaling/diary writing? Having a good search function is also a must! I already tried penzu.com but their search functionality sucks.

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    If I were you I'd write my own, using database collations to have epic searching.
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    You could even add all you wanted to search, date, mood?, Idk, you name it.
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    Im currently testing diaroapp.com looks amazing so far.
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    @iiii GL searching in paper
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    Boostenote is excellent for that.
    I know some who would recommend Notion tho.
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    Not easily searchable, but at least doesn't lose your work like Notepad does..
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    I tend to use Notepad, or clone/copy of (But it has the same bugs!), but I find I can't leave it open for days on end, or it crashes..

    So, if anyone is going to code one themselves, it must stay open for 6 months without crashing !

    And not have any weird copy and paste bugs that auto-deletes stuff..

    And display tabs correctly on all lines, not just 99% of them..

    And a search function with a keyboard shortcut !

    Also be nice if it did auto history saves..

    And a playback / history key command..

    (Eg. what did you type 300 characters ago that you just deleted, and now want back..)
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