Been waiting for vue 3 to support typescript, even after it released the support isn’t that good. I’ll just hope it got better in the future

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    Hopefully, the ecosystem itself will catch on being compatible with TS until then I doubt Vue + TS would be decent enough.
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    Lets some time pass... Vue3 is a month's baby's
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    @Berkmann18 @jak645 I can only hope, if vue2 doesn’t support TS it’s understandable but since vue3 was a complete rewrite... well
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    @devTea Well, Vue 2 was supposedly already supporting TS (although the only experience I had using TS in Vue 2 was trash) so plugins and such could have already been compatible with TS.
    But then as you pointed out, Vue 3 is a complete rewrite which probably broke some packages.
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