I have read people talk about how “Laravel makes PHP fun”. I don't get it. I really hate frameworks. Yeah they may simplify tasks. But the way I see it, you now have a damn framework that you're never going to bother to understand. You most likely won't read the underlying code, you'll rely on others to release security updates.

Hey yeah it has its benefits, like peer reviewed, and matured code.

But I guess it's just not for me.

SAME GOES FOR WORDPRESS. It does freaking make your life easy, and it's easy money, but I guess it would just annoy me to not be bothered with the underlying code.

Anyway, Imma head on to make my own framework....

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    And at that moment, the world got yet another framework. With blackjack, and hookers.
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    @SortOfTested hahaha I guess that's how it starts.

    I actually did make a sorta framework that I use for all my projects. With how I prefer to organize my code, essential functions and so on.

    I tried many frameworks. It somewhat annoys me at how easy it makes things too.
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    I used to love frameworks because they make things easier (I've never used a PHP framework tho), but nowadays I agree. Mostly because so often a framework also enforces soft constraints and sometimes in order to do what needs to be done you have to fight against the framework instead of taking advantage of it.

    That said, I'll be keeping using frameworks in front end context because fuck front end and fuck JS....
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    @100110111 I quite recently started using React JS. And it seems a bit fun, but I still prefer writing HTML and CSS over using Javascript to do it all for me.

    However, I have preferred ReactNative for mobile development. Only because I am already familiar with JS.
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    @100110111 another thing which shocks + annoys me about Laravel. There is a terminal command for a lot of basic tasks.

    Like, wanna create an Auth system? Type it into a terminal and Laravel will create all the necessary code and commands for you within seconds.

    Like hey, that's pretty cool but you literally just lost control.
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    Who cares !- if it satisfied the scope of work and not much a threat, I have no problem with it.
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    You said it, can you do the same amount of work with less effort and does it get you paid? then use it.

    Want to do it for the love of it then sure go ahead, but I try not to mix business with pleasure. Sorry Bond :(
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    Reinventing the wheel (especially regarding auth systems or routing) doesnt seem to make sense to me. Too much time loss and room for error. I rather just read the docs, dive into the code and see if it fits my requirements.

    But WordPress is only for the those situations where I dont give a shit and need to spit out an ugly website quickly for a small business or something like that.

    Have a look at symfony if want more control over your code. It has a slightly different approach where the skeleton version is much more minimalistic and a good starter if want to do most stuff in your own.
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    I really like Spring, i know enough of it to make working applications. Projects made with it seem very clean and well organized to me.
    I had an assignment where i had to use Laravel. It took me a few hours to figure out how to set up a project, and then it turned out looking like a mess. Also, for some reason the ORM that is built into Laravel needed a lot of time for simple queries (over 1s for a query that listed all items in a table).
    I finished the assignment and 'rm -r'-d everything into oblivion, thinking that i will never use it again if i don't have to.
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