I wrote three posts for a tech writing website - all of which were well researched, well formatted, and I figured, pretty relevant to most people working in software, right

The website decides hmm, we won't promote the posts at all - no retweets, nothing. So they all get about 100 views each within the first few days. Sad.

Meanwhile, one article written in basically BULLET POINTS gets pinned to the frontpage, and another article written in the most pajeet English I have ever seen containing factually wrong information (HTML is not a fucking programming language) gets retweeted and publicized and ends up with thousands of views

Why even fucking bother

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    Put it on Medium, that place needs some fuckin good stuff already.
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    @theuser I thought about that! But it gets an awful lot of bad rep - why?
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    if you name the website you may get few more views
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    Depends on topics.
    If it is something like “how to XTZ”, I WANT the bullet point list, not 10 pages essay on “why it’s working this way”.
    If it is an explanation on how things work, it’s a bit different story.
    As for HTML is not a language, it depends on target public. If it’s an article aimed on absolute beginners, I’d say it’s fine.
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    That's modern journalism for you
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    I didn't bother. By the time I would have considered myself good enough to write an authoritative article, I was ghost writing and technical editing for o'reilly, apress.
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    @theuser Fuck Medium, paywalls are antithetical to the spirit of the internet. Either your shit is good enough to let everybody see it or it's not.
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    @RogueScholar Its true, but then you have the SEO's.
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    @theabbie I would, but I intend to remain anonymous on here.
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    @reeeeeeeeeeeeee Just the website is fine, so that we can stay away from it.
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    @NoToJavaScript Oh fair point, but I personally won't write about things that one could readily find in documentation because it feels redundant. They were continuous prose because I felt it necessary.

    Also I was referring to an article whose purpose was to try and convey that HTML and CSS are programming languages. Which is factually wrong.
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    @reeeeeeeeeeeeee Most people barely read the entire title, so you can imagine how many will actually go through the whole article.
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