Tomorrow I might just say fuck it and make a blanket fort office

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    Go for it, but don't forget the pic
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    Do it today and share it with us.
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    It may be too late, but I would buy two or three life like midget dolls, dress them in camo, go to an army/navy surplus store, buy some cheap medals, shop around for official looking gear.
    Dress one of them up as the commander and buy a desk for him. Have the others stand guard outside the fort.
    For the sake of absurdiity alone, buy a pair of walkie talkies and get somebody from the office to speak banana republic Marxist theories, such as VANLLILA ICE CREAM WITH REAL CHOCOLATE SYRUP, NOT THAT BOURGEOISE STUFF FROM MICRONESIA. At the end of the day have the two grunts escort you out of the office with automatic weapons clearly made from bazooka bubble gum.
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    @bols59 I am impressed
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    Can someone post a Shia LaBeouf gif?

    "just do it!"
    "don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today"
    Etc etc

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    Not a big workplace, but a cozy one 😌
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    @bols59 I unfortunately didn't have any midget dolls, but I did put some pigs to guard my foreign software exploitation operation.
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