I am laughing and crying at the same time.

I did a high value transaction with Google Pay, and now I cannot see the transaction details in history for this specific transaction (The money was transferred correctly though). When I open the history entry, it says "Something went wrong, please try again".

So after waiting for a week, I went to report a bug with Google from within the app. And when I press submit, I get an error.

Wanna guess what's the error?


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    you have superpowers if you find the way to contact human using google support
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    @vane but I remember I did. Once. I actually got a call within 15 minutes of requesting support. It was more about 6 years back, and I was a kid. I remember because I was so in love with the lady's voice! :D
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    @vane I also requested Google support by an call-this-number-and-provide-an-id and I immediately got connected. Problem sorted out within 5 minutes, fixed after 15 & the they called us to let us verify.

    I almost cried that day.
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    UPDATE: Even though I couldn't submit the issue, Google fixed the bug today.
    Either they are on DevRant, or, the issue was submitted but the problem was in acknowledgement.
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