NGL hearing the head of I.T ask you to help a brotha out and "do your magic" makes one feel pretty fucking legit.

I know I pull some magical shit, I know most developers in senior level positions or management do, but I also know we all rarely get recognized. The fact that someone would know that what you do is basically magic for your institution makes one feel so fucking good.

I really fucking try. Shit is hard and holding an entire department together sometimes gets the best of me, but I fucking try.

wish you all the same feelings all the time, always

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    It's human nature apparently.
    Hundreds of years ago they called wizards the ones that had the balls to explore beyond what the eye can see. People ignored them or called them weird instead of giving them credit for what they were discovering or getting interested on what they were doing, setting the foundations of science clearly ahead of their times.
    The story repeated itself with the so called "mad" scientists, called mad because no one understood what they talked about.
    Again and again "wizards" do a lot and get very little credit.
    And due to Clark's 3rd law, it seems that it won't stop soon.
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    You're a wizard, Harry!
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    @c3r38r170 I am not going to lie, I will stay happy as long as the third law doesn't change. It is the closes thing we have to magic man. And I love it.
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    @iiii wingardium LEVIO-SAH!
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