So people are making linkedin a facebook 2.0 .

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    Actually an upgrade of that network
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    var facebook2 = removeSpyware(facebook)
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    More like quora without questions.
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    @10Dev Just wait until facebook acquires linkedin too
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    @pmanas will never happen. This sad thing is Microsofts only social network. They wanted Tiktok too, so they like the social network business but can't get a hold of it
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    A certificate showcase platform
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    @rooter Thats maybe the reason why its so depressing
    Whenever i open linkedin 9/10 are posts which make me rethink my decision of opening it.
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    Yep ... Storys on LinkedIn ... Wtf you doing there
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    Because people wants the same thing, but "different".
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    "Always has been" meme comes into play very well.
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    @vintprox OP sus as fuck
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    They are improving linkedin ?
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    @Nanos fuck it .. not at all. They are making it more less professional and turning it into a social media oriented.
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    LinkedIn too is a social media. Just a professional one, a social media nonetheless.

    It was always like Facebook just surfacing after corporate careers sky rocketed in last decade.
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    Let me log in and see how its changed..

    I guess they must timeout your password after a while, since mine doesn't bloody work anymore !

    I notice in my notes, I had this problem several years ago as well..

    I wish companies wouldn't do that, its really annoying !

    Well, at least it let me change my new password to my old password..

    After I collected the pin number they emailed me..
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    Well, the message my ex before she was my ex.. sent me 11 years ago is still there..

    > hello snuggle buggle!! :)

    Looks kind of the same offhand..

    Still, something is new right ?

    Ok, lets try to find something..

    Lets search for things near me..

    20,000+ in pages of 10..

    Might take a while to narrow that search down..

    I think its still as shit as I last remember it..

    What has changed ?

    Where are the pictures of cute cats !

    How do I find out who my neighbour works for..

    Or even who my neighbour is..

    Especially if I don't know their name..
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    I tried clicking on someone's profile to see more about them, and it unhelpfully didn't let me, instead I get:

    > Profiles out of your network have

    > limited visibility.

    Well, that's bloody helpful NOT !
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    At times more toxic than Facebook
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    @pmanas Microsoft has been actively working on that already 😅
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