Gotta love a heated debate that ends with the other party telling you "Look at these Stackoverflow answers that explain these concepts in detail"

...and you're then linked to two answers that you wrote 😂

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    Of all things that never happend, this never happend the most
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    @edw1o1 In this case I'm in the top 3 contributors for this tag both by votes and answer quantity, so it's unsurprising really. (Of course, that's kinda why I picked the fight in the first place. Wouldn't pick sides in something I know nothing about.)
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    So, do you disagree with your own answers?
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    @aviophile No, the answers were irrelevant to the point he was trying to make.

    Twas about reactive programming in Java (yeah, a mess, but necessary in this case unfortunately) and the fact block() should never be used in the event loop. This is of course true, and my answers stated so - but the clincher here is that you *can* sensibly block on a thread that's *not* on the event loop (for example if you're using a library that's not non-blocking, or you're migrating gradually to a reactive stack.) Trying to get people to see those nuances though isn't easy... It's just a knee jerk reaction 🤔
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