F*CK You wix and Windows installer.
I am working on an installer with wix since several weeks now. All good and fun so far, describing some windows VIA xml, copying my files, no problem.... Until I started getting to the REAL work.
How in Zuses Name can it be that the wix tutorial site is so damn deprecated that I had several instances where I took HOURS of research just to find out that I am following some damn old technique that isn't supposed to be used anymore.
I'm sitting here since 2 days TWO! Trying to make my damn installer install the C++ redistributable 2013 with wix.
Just to see NOW in some 4 yo Blog-Post that the way of doing this that was descriped WAS FCKING DROPED BY WINDOWS YEARS AGO!

I am mad, I am pissed, wix FFS update you damn tutorials -.-.

P.s stop sending links in forums as answeres that'LL eventually die

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