I just came out... as a senior developer. Got a promotion and that's great. But I have been a generalist software engineer so far. I do frontend, backend (which is what I'm best at), some devops, management etc etc. But as a senior dev, I'm starting to feel that I have to specialize in something. I'm the guy who can do anything, but when discussing about tech stuff the other senior devs looks more "smart" (it's only one of the small things that frustrate me). I like being generalist, but I'm starting to feel the necessity of specialzing and be a reference in some technology, contributing more to company frameworks, open source, etc.

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    Have you tried going down the T-shape specialism path?
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    @Berkmann18 never heard about it. Just took a look right now. To be honest that's what I expect from any specialized senior software engineer. You know and focus on one technology/stack, but you can handle a lot of other things.
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    @notyourbestdev I see, well that's not always the case for specialists.
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