"I have a great idea for a messaging app.
But I can't tell you what it is until you agree to make it for me, I can't pay you right now but I'll pay you back when we make tonnes of money!"

My startup idea: you create apps for people with bad ideas and the fees on a 1 year 'loan' with high penalties for failing to pay. Fair right?

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    If he is your friend, find real friends
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    so think like uber... and dogs.. see where im going with this?
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    Ahh good idea. Really. Those people *deserve* to have their house, car and money mercilessly taken away. I've met one too many and I've grown an insane hatred for them. Like I just can't wait to find others just to bring them to tears breaking all of the wet dreams they could possibly have and making them realize their ideas are worth less than shit and that their very breath is a theft of oxygen from people who actually deserve to live aaaaaaaaargh
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