Used to work salary and in-house for client but now do freelance for them ‘cause ‘rona.

Adobe CC and Font Suitcase licenses are due for renewal and they want to cancel them for all but essential in-house senior staff.

I tell them I have both at home, on my own dime, but I need their font folder to be able to use them.

So I have 12,000 fonts now.

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    @F1973 hard situation. I actually really like these people, and they are very much struggling just to stay open. So I’m trying to help them cut costs even though it is costing me money.

    I’ve been lucky enough to stay in other work, even though my hours with that company have been reduced by 80%, and I use CC for those clients too... so it’s reasonable that expense stays mine.
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    I pay for my JetBrains subscriptions out of pocket. I could have company probably cover costs but i think they pay me way too much as it is for my level of competency. I have no problems paying for work related stuff out of pocket.
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