Time estimation of software development should be a product of observation of historical evidence, and many factors that come with it, like:
- What was the language used?
- How many developers worked on it
- How many years each developer has in experience in programming?
- IQ of each developer
- How many kids they have
- The weather
- ...etc
Analyzed by data scientist.

Not something you get by asking developers and interrupting their work, because many are people with superior complexity who often overestimate their capability of solving given problems.
Don't trust them to estimate!

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    Or just don't estimate at all.

    When someone asks me for an estimate, I'll tell them it's done when it's ready.
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    @100110111 Daym, I hope I also have soul as brave as yours
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    Sure, those are some factors to consider if you have some time to prepare one. Most of my estimations happens on a whim, which means I have to give a very rough and conservative time frame based on how much is left, available dev resources, other dependencies, and some very obvious risk areas.
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    @100110111 The balls are unreal
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