So you're telling me that the USB-C cable between my Galaxy S8+ and my PC can move data at 10Gbps... Then why is it that whenever I try to browse my photos on it, the icons load slower than a webpage through dialup, and the 'DCIM' folder can take up to a full minute to load all the file icons? 🤔

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    Slow file system, slow media, protocol overhead. Probably lots of other stupid decisions and lack of updates along the way, too.
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    The connector does not determine the protocol used. Wouldn't be surprised if phones still use USB 2.0 but over the USB Type C connector.
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    Mostly protocol. It's not your ordinary flash drive, it's a phone that decided to translate it's file system to your pc.

    Translation takes lots of time too, you know :)
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    @olback Definitely not 2.0. I've used my phone as a 1080p webcam with basically no latency before.
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    The galaxy S8(+) has USB-C 3.1, so no USB 2, but MTP is... well, let's just say not faster than Flash the Sloth.
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    @saucyatom Nice reference!
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